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March 20, 2007



Good points. I'm not sure what sort of job you are in, but many non-career positions have salary caps. In short, there is a very rigid track that employees follow before they hit the top. That's because these types of jobs have diminishing returns: an employee with 10 years of experience serving hamburgers is not 10x better than a guy with 1 year of experience.

Nevertheless, I think you have a good attitude about getting raises, and when the day comes that you are at a salaried position pursuing your career, these tips will come in handy.

Employers like to see ambition, so long as it is mixed with a healthy sense of realism. If you're overly eager about pay, it can actually work against you because you'll seem naive or over confident of your abilities.

As a final point, typically companies do 1 year reviews (at least in the US). Some companies do six month reviews during your first year, so your 7th month thing was fortunate in terms of timing. But note that larger companies are less likely to deviate from their review schedules, so do your research before you ask :)


Thanks for the comment, Michi. I think I'll incorporate some of your ideas into a future update.

I work in a video store (among other things). These tips were designed for an organisation which isn't highly structured, that's why I didn't wait for a yearly review (I knew that we didn't do them). I don't suggest using these tips if you work in a McJob, because they pay you by your age and position (i.e manager) rather than your skill set.

On a side note, I got a 20% pay rise and they threw in a nicely written referral letter for an internship I am hoping to get.

As I said in my post, make sure you don't give them an ultimatum. After I got the raise, I was speaking to my boss and when he started reading it he said to himself, if it was a "give me a raise or I quit" then he wouldn't have given me the raise.

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